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Kobo IIKobo Deluxe


Shot 3 from 0.4 From 0.4.0. Note the energy bar at the left. There is a health/damage system behind it, but it's wired up to emulate the classic game for now. (640x480)

Shot 2 from 0.4 From 0.4.0. In the main menu, selecting a level to start playing at. (640x480)

Shot 1 from 0.4 From a development version before 0.4-pre7. "Diamond2X" scaling. The (now scrolling) map and displays just got background graphics instead of plain colors. (640x480)

Shot 4 from 0.1 Shot 3 from 0.1 From SKobo 0.1. (320x240)

Shot 2 from 0.1 Shot 1 from 0.1 From SKobo 0.1. Note that the logo shows another name that was considered; "Kobo: Next Generation". (320x240)

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