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Kobo IIKobo Deluxe

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  • Pixel Prospector - Review with screenshots and videos
  • Kobo Deluxe at The Linux Game Tome
  • XKobo - The original X11 game. (No official home, it seems.)
  • SDL - The Simple DirectMedia Layer
  • PalmKobo - A Palm OS port, based on XKobo and Kobo Deluxe. Runs on Palm OS 3.5 or later.
  • PocketKobo - An XKobo port for Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 3.0. Runs on Toshiba e570, Casio E-125 and others.
  • koboG - An in-progress Kobo remake for the GP32
  • Kobo Deluxe - for Nokia internet tablets

Other olofson.net Projects

  • Kobo II - An independent sequel to Kobo Deluxe
  • olofson.net - Main site
  • Audiality - Successor of the Kobo Deluxe sound engine
  • EEL - Successor of the AGW script parser used in Audiality 0.1.x
  • ZeeSpace - A 2.5D rendering engine in development, used in Kobo II
  • Project Spitfire - An old sidescroller project originally for DOS
  • SDL Examples - Various SDL programming examples
  • Mixed stuff - glSDL (SDL 2D over OpenGL), DT-42 (tracker style drum machine), Fixed Rate Pig (playable game demonstrating various programming techniques) etc...

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